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Location Equipment Disinfection Demonstration


We value your business and the friendships that we have formed over our 24-year career in providing tents to the Film Industry. In these difficult times it is our upmost priority to provide safety to our clients and staff.

We are also taking the necessary precaution and having our staff always wear gloves and masks when on site. We have also limited general public access to our warehouse and enforced strict COVID – 19 guidelines.

Kellie’s Tents is offering the optional services of disinfecting of tents, tables, chairs, heaters, tanks, and any other rentals we provide once they are on site. For this, we offer Vital Oxide.  A hospital grade product that has been authorized by Health Canada & the EPA for the use against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID – 19. The disinfecting solution will be administered with an industrial grade fogger or an electrostatic sprayer. Under the supervision of our new general manager Michael Dunican, our staff has had extensive training using both the electrostatic sprayer and the industrial fogger.  Our fogging and electrostatic sprayers are compatible with virtually any form of solution. Should you wish for another brand of disinfecting solution to be used, we will absolutely work with you on this.


~ Vital Oxide is a EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant. It does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

~ NSF Registered (D2) Food Contact Sanitizer. 99.999% Sanitization on food contact surfaces in less than 60 seconds. Will not alter the taste of food on disinfected surfaces.

 The DIN number for Vital Oxide is: 02422654

Meet The Team

Michael Dunican

Michael Dunican

General Manager


We are happy to announce that our leadership team has expanded!

Meet our new General Manger, Michael Dunican. With the current landscape, Michael’s 10 years of experience working in the event industry will be invaluable in leading our team, to ensure our clients receive the highest level safety protocols.

Teri G Smith

Teri G Smith

Account Manager


Meet our Accounts Manager, Teri G. Smith. Her background includes bookkeeping, production planning, and office administration.

With her extensive administrative experience, she is looking forward to providing our clients with quick and efficient service.


Tents & Tent Sizes


In addition to our usual 20 foot wide tents, to better facilitate Social Distancing, Kellie’s Tents is pleased to offer a full range of Mega Frame Tents.

Mega Frame Tents are a durable and impressive structure, that come in either 30 or 40 foot widths, and can go as long as needed. With the heavy duty frame, the entire inside of the tent is free from any poles. Giving an unobstructed inside of the tent.

The aluminum sliding tube rafters allow for a seamless expandable tenting system. The canopy panels slide through the track, ensuring tension and water tightness. 

Standard lunch and BG tents.

Available 20 feet wide and as long as needed. 

Standard Lunch and BG Tents

30 foot wide Mega Frame tents.

Available 30 feet wide and as long as needed.

40 foot wide Mega Frame tents.

Available 40 feet wide and as long as needed.

How it Works

Disinfecting Equipment

Disinfecting of tents, tables, chairs, heaters, tanks, and any other rentals on site. 

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Hospital grade product that is Health Canada approved.

Industrial Grade Fogger

Administered with an industrial grade fogger or an electrostatic sprayer

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Equipment Rentals


  • Plastic folding tables
  • Plastic folding chairs
  • Forced air heaters
  • Stand up, radiant heaters